If I wouldn’t be who I am,
If I hadn’t experienced so many challenges in life,
If I hadn’t left my creative fingerprints on so many projects, companies, and people,

My form of art would have never come to be.

And now, I allow the seeds of my hidden passion to sprout.
Throughout my life experiences and journeys,

I have collected scenes, frames, textures and compositions without knowing why and what for.
And then, out of no where, the world seemed to stop.
And it has all become clear to me.
I am not a photographer. For me, the camera is only a tool. I am not a painter.

However, the collection of textures and compositions of industrial materials are my canvas.

They have beckoned me to expose them artistically to the world.

I have always felt that I have the talent to understand what I see, and notice what is relevant and meaningful virtually.
Suddenly, I have discovered the obvious option to represent my art,

To be.
To allow all those scenes that are visible,
And those that are hidden,
To appear, seemingly, to be born.

To sprout.

I feel lucky that today’s technology allows me to express my passion.

My art collections are presented on my website, printed and ready to be displayed